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Why you need professional photographs to let or sell your property

May 2018

It is surprisingly common to see a property listing accompanied by poor images, especially when it is a rental property that is being marketed. Blurred, uninspired composition, and badly-lit images will ensure that a listing is ignored by the majority of those who really should be reaching for their phones to make an enquiry.  

These days, most potential purchasers and tenants will begin their search for a new home online. They will be used to the convenience of searching quickly and so will scan the listings, ignoring the properties which do not offer immediate appeal.

High-quality images are essential if your property is not to be dismissed out of hand before that all-important buyer or tenant has even so much as explored the square footage available. The type of property you are marketing, or its location, may be in high demand, but buyers and tenants do not generally have psychic powers and will move on to the next option in seconds if you don’t sell them 'the dream'. A picture delivers instant impact and speaks a thousand words.  
Are your photographic skills up to the task?

It is tempting to save time and money by taking the pictures yourself. But do you have the necessary skills and equipment to produce the desired results? You will need a DSLR and a wide-angled lens because your smartphone simply won’t be up to the task. Take the interior pictures in daylight and exterior shots on a sunny day. Always make sure the property is clean, tidy and dressed to impress. 

Showcase your property with the perfect compositions

Examine your results and ask yourself if the images would inspire you to make an enquiry. The answer will almost certainly be no. On the other hand, professional photographers will know exactly how to create the most appealing compositions. They will shoot from the right angle and will create a pleasing ambiance together with a sense of space. Their work will properly showcase every room, highlighting the finest features and minimising the impact of any drawbacks. They will be able to advise you as to how to present the rooms to greatest effect. You can recoup outlay for the cost of their services if you maximise the interest in your property.  

Why run the risk of void periods or not selling your property quickly when a few great images could make all the difference?

selling your property with professional images

Enhance your listing with a virtual tour

Photographs can be very persuasive and will always prove crucial to the success of a property listing. However, a virtual tour would seriously enhance your marketing efforts. It isn’t always possible to perfectly capture the benefits of a house or apartment with images alone.  

Your potential tenants or purchasers could be living abroad or at some distance from the property. A virtual tour delivers genuine impact and a better sense of the layout, space and ambiance. Buyers and renters will be able to visit the property without having to travel.

A virtual tour may currently prove to be an additional expense, depending on the package offered by your agent, but this technology is becoming progressively more affordable. It is certainly a good idea to explore your options. Busy buyers and renters will favour visiting your property over viewing the others available simply because they will have the peace of mind of knowing that their trip probably won’t be a waste of time.  

The value of certainty

Buyers and renters will favour a higher degree of certainty over a voyage into the unknown every time. Professional images and a virtual tour will reassure them that your property is just what they are looking for. They will never know what they are missing if your photographs don’t cut the mustard.

If you're planning to sell or let your rental property, we can assist with professional photography and with your let or sale.