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Valentine's Day in Wandsworth…where to wine and dine

January 2018

We've only just emerged intact from all the excess and revelry of the Christmas holidays, and yet it's already time to turn our attentions to Valentine's Day. 

The annual holiday on February 14th, marked to commemorate the Roman, Saint Valentinus, follows hot on the heels of Christmas and New Year. In the weeks leading up Valentine's Day, you can expect many of the products sold in High Street shops across the country to turn red (red is the predominate colour for this day of the year) and heart-shaped. You'll also see all manner of goods – chocolates, jewellery, cards, candles – take a Valentine's Day friendly turn. It's also true that more flowers are sold on Valentine's Day than any other day of the year, many of them red roses.   

But this annual holiday isn't all about flowers and chocolates and the colour red and heart-shaped objects, it's about romantic love and the love of friendship. Ready to celebrate?  

OK, so you may choose to shun some of the more saccharine-sweet gifts on display in the shops, but if you're planning to eat out in Wandsworth to celebrate the occasion, we've rounded up a small selection of restaurants and eateries we'd recommend in the local area.
Chez Bruce
Known for its well-chosen cheeseboards, attentive yet never obtrusive staff, exemplary wine list, and consistently pleasing menu, this Michelin-starred venue is a Wandsworth gem. The cuisine is modern French fare and the interiors are pared back and simple. However, if you want to treat yourselves to a special meal this Valentine's Day, we recommend Chez Bruce. Remember to book in advance, as this upmarket option is a firm favourite on any old night of the week.  

This is a one-off in Wandsworth. A restaurant and bar serving up British food with a culinary nod towards the scents and flavours of the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia, Konnigans makes for a fun, relaxed and inexpensive meal out. This is a Wandsworth neighbourhood staple, and a good place to visit on Valentine's Day if you're looking for a less formal but friendly atmosphere. 

If you want casual dining and a faster paced environment - and you like pizza - then Rossopomodoro is the place. Though an Italian chain, this outpost in Wandsworth has a particular charm. You're guaranteed a tasty, authentic Neapolitan pizza and friendly, welcoming staff. 

Located on Wandsworth High Street, this bar and brasserie also specialises in French cuisine, but it's the place to head to if you're seeking a restorative Valentine's Day cocktail, a satisfying bottle of wine, or some freshly-brewed Bohemia lager. The interiors are not fancy or flashy at all, the à la carte menu is refreshingly inventive, and the cocktails can't fail to tantalise the senses.  

Make your Valentine's Day this year that little bit more special.