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Surge in number of landlords using limited company structures

January 2018

The clear majority of residential landlords have now switched to limited company structures following changes to mortgage interest tax relief. 

Multiple new tax and regulation measures have been introduced in recent years, and as a result of this, approximately 70% of mortgage applications are now processed for limited companies, which is a 45% increase on the previous year.  

As restrictions to tax relief are being phased in over a number of years, it is likely that the number of landlords who choose to incorporate will increase further.  

The research from Kent Reliance also showed that while limited company structures are more popular with landlords who have more extensive property portfolios, they can also benefit all landlords and investors.   

A spokesperson for Kent Reliance said: "While transaction costs such as capital gains tax or stamp duty are a consideration for those moving properties into a limited company vehicle, the long-term financial argument would become more compelling."

Though landlords have had to deal with multiple changes impacting the buy-to-let sector in recent years, no real new interventions were announced in last November's Autumn Budget. This at least gives landlords some breathing space, and the opportunity to weigh up the options available to them before tax relief is phased out further.  
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