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Sponsorship and success at West Hill Primary School's summer fair

August 2017

As schools contend with drastic cuts to funding by the government, fundraising and sponsorship has become all the more important.

Many schools are being all the more creative with the events they hold throughout the year, partly in an attempt to win more sponsorship at support from local businesses. 

The team at Oscar Knight is only too happy to help out, and this year we're partnered with West Hill Primary School. 

This year's summer fair at West Hill Primary School in the London Borough of Wandsworth was a big success. As the biggest sponsor of the event, the team here at Oscar Knight are pleased everything went with a bang – even the weather went our way. 

?The money generated through sponsorship we hope will help fill the gap left by cuts to funding for the school, and directly benefit the school's pupils.  

Local businesses, such as estate agents, are increasingly getting involved in school summer fairs, whether it be to sponsor the event, donate funds, or contribute in some way to the prizes.  

We hope this is the beginning of a fruitful partnership with West Hill Primary School.