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Southfields Public Realm Strategy

May 2018

Having recently joined the Southfields community with our new branch on Wimbledon Park Road we’ve had the privilege of meeting many residents and other local businesses who are just as passionate about their postcode.

With an interest to preserve the beauty and community feel of Southfields, in 2015 the London Borough of Wandsworth asked local residents for their say on a number of proposals geared towards preserving the ‘village feel’ and improving the heart of the shopping area. Met with mixed feedback, the plans for Southfields have recently become a lot clearer with the publication of the ‘Southfields Public Realm Strategy’ document by streetscape designers Project Centre.

The strategy, which exceeds 180 pages, details everything from traffic analysis results to pavement colour considerations, with the overall aim of creating a safe and calm space for pedestrians and cyclists which is welcoming and uncluttered. Key roads mentioned in the document are Replingham Road, Wimbledon Park Road, Augustus Road as well as Southfields Underground Station. Of these roads, some of the planned changes include;

  1. Introduction of a zebra crossing east of the junction with Heythorp Street
  2. Prohibited parking opposite the junction of Elsenham Street at all times
  3. Provide loading restriction during AM and PM peak periods
  4. Removal of guard railing and replacement with other street furniture to guide pedestrians to designated crossing points on the junction of Replingham Road, Wimbledon Park Road and August Road
  5. Removal of the central island and cycle lane on Wimbledon Park Road as well as increasing the footway width and narrowing running lanes to 3.2m.

Wider outcomes also include;

  1. Additional tree planting
  2. Improved crossing movements
  3. Traffic calming measures, including a 20mph zone
  4. Improving shop and restaurant forecourts and frontages, if their owners agree
  5. Repaving footways.

Currently, the Strategy is ready for consideration by Community Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee (CSOSC) and if approved the public will be invited again to comment on Traffic Management Orders with construction estimated to commence in September 2018.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the planned works then email SouthfieldsLBW@wandsworth.gov.uk with your contact details and preference for email or phone response.