Many landlords remain optimistic about the..." />
Oscar Knight
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Most landlords are optimistic about buy-to-let sector

August 2018

Many landlords remain optimistic about the buy-to-let sector, with one in five intending to stay in the sector ‘indefinitely’.

New research from Foundation Home Loans has revealed that 18% of landlords say they plan to remain a landlord, while 19% of landlords who own four or more properties also said they plan to remain a landlord.

These statistics show that landlords continue to be optimistic about what the future has in store for the buy-to-let market and their property investments regardless of the changes to tax and regulation which have been rolled out recently.

A small proportion of landlords included in the research - 6% - said they only planned to remain a landlord for the next few years.

The research also revealed that 20% of landlords owning four or more buy-to-let properties had been a landlord for almost 20 years.

This is positive, as it shows that many long-standing landlords are fully invested in the market and will already be familiar with weathering the storms thrown at them by the property market.

Jeff Knight, Marketing Director at Foundation Home Loans, said: “With so much interest in investing in the long-term, it is therefore imperative that newer landlords are sufficiently supported to avoid any knee-jerk exits. This is particularly the case for portfolio landlords as diversification is key to maintaining cashflow.”

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