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4 ideas to improve your property's exterior during Winter

September 2017

Your tenants might not spend much time in the garden during winter (if the property has a garden), but it's in a landlord's best interests (depending what's stated in the rental agreement) to ensure as much care and consideration is afforded to the property's exterior as its interior. 

Ongoing maintenance is required to reduce the risk of something going wrong – which can mean a hefty bill. Landlords can minimise hassle for themselves and enjoy a happier relationship with their tenants if they pay attention to the rental property's exterior, and this is relevant during the winter months, too.  
If your property is always well-maintained, it will be easier for you when your current tenant leaves and the property needs to be well-presented to appeal to the next tenant. 

If you need some more ideas as to how to improve your property's exterior during the winter months, we've got a few up our sleeve. 

Illuminate the outdoors
Installing outside lighting can help to make the property look cosy during the winter months, where daylight hours are in short supply and the evenings are long. They are also important for being able to navigate the outside after dark. If potential tenants are viewing the property on a winter's evening, outside lighting is crucial. 

Pay attention to any plants
Few rental properties have a lot of plants, but a little greenery and foliage will usually boost a property's exterior. To minimise hassle, choose plants which thrive all year round. There's a range of low-maintenance evergreen shrubs you could introduce, or place native perennial plants in pots, which won't require much maintenance once they have found their feet and can help soften a patio or paved area and bring colour to your outdoor space.

improve your property's exterior

Keep the windows cleaned
Regular window cleaning is vital for business. You can't allow your shop front or estate agent window to appear stained and grimy, as this might negatively impact the reputation of your business, and could affect your bottom line if potential customers find your dirty windows unappealing. The same is true of tenants and prospective tenants. Clean windows improve the view when inside the property looking out, and immeasurably improve the overall appearance of the property when viewed from the outside. 

Winter-proof the property's exterior
Check for any cracks, inspect the roof, and look out for any damage to shingles, gutters or pipes. Also, check the driveway or outdoor walkways for cracks or potholes, and make sure that anything which needs repairing is completed before the damp, wet winter weather sets in. 

If your rental property needs work before the winter sets in, we can make sure your property receives the attention it needs, whether it's refurbishing the interiors or managing the exterior areas. Call us today for more information.