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How to prepare your buy-to-let property for marketing

June 2017

You don’t need to be a property expert to work out the best way to prepare a buy?to?let property for marketing. What you need is to be a consumer – a tenant. 

Asa landlord,you need to put yourself in thetenant's shoes(the type of tenant you want to attract) and see things from their perspective. Then ask yourself: what will make this property more desirable to him or her?

The danger is that you are not the tenant, and what would make a property attractive to you won’t necessarily appeal to thetenant you want to attract. One of the things that makes this world such a joy to live in is the huge differences we see between people.What is needed is twofold:

  1. Define the ideal tenant for your property; and then 
  2. Imagine you are that tenant. What are you looking for in a property? If you looked at five possible rentals in one day, and chose one of them, what would that one have that the others lacked?  

You will have your own ideas about what makes the ideal tenant. We suggest:

  • Someone who will value your property as you value it yourself - and look after it
  • Someone who is likely to remain in the property for the full duration of the rental agreement

Then visit the property and look at it with a critical eye. You’re not you on this visit; you are your tenant. What you want to know is:

  • Whatwould attract yourideal tenant?
  • Whatwould turn that tenant off?

 prepare your buy-to-let property

Go back for a moment to the definition of your ideal tenant. You want someone who will value your property as you value it yourself, and look after it. Are you most likely to get that kind of tenant if your property is looking a little tired? A little dilapidated? Or is it more likely that you’ll get the person you want if everything is in good condition?

You likely know the answer to these questions. So does this property need any refurbishment work before you show it to the world? Is there anything that needs to be renovated or decorated? It's best to get it done before you put the property on the market.

When you make this visit to the property, take photographs. Then you can look at them at home to see whether you missed something while you were there. You can also show them to other people -your partner/spouse, or a friend who you know will give an honest opinion.You can also show your property to us. Renovation and refurbishment is one of the services we offer to our landlord clients, and even if you did miss something during the visit, it’s unlikely that we will also miss it.

When the work is done, and the property is ready to put on the market, we’ll takemore photographs. We use professional photographers, so you can expect the best quality images. The purpose of this will be to help us close the deal when we have found the ideal tenant you are looking for. Get in touch today.