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As experienced letting agents, we’re well placed to advise landlords, or prospective ones, on the ins and outs of buying property for rental purposes, such as which types of property might be most suitable, which locations might offer the best capital and income returns, and what tenants in each location might be looking for.

We’re also able to help with selecting and negotiating on property purchases.

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Buy to Let Guide

Buy-to-let is a popular form of investment, offering the potential for capital growth as well as a monthly income.

Here’s our guide to some of the considerations:

Property Type

It is crucial that you thoroughly research the area in which you are considering. Specific questions to be answered include:


  • is there demand for a particular type of property in that area?
  • what sort of tenants find the area attractive, and what are they looking for?
  • how can I make a property appeal to them, and more so than others in the area?
  • what has happened to property values in the area in the past year?

With the experience we have at Oscar Knight we are well placed to advise on the above questions, should you be considering a buy-to-let property in Putney, Wimbledon, Southfields, Wandsworth, Battersea or other areas of South West London.

Location Location Location

The old adage holds true! As a general rule, focusing on the location first is a good starting point for any property investment decision. Things whose proximity to be considered are:

  • schools and parks, if your property is likely to appeal to families
  • bars, restaurants and shops, if you property is likely to appeal to singles or couples
  • train and tube stations and bus stops

It is also worth considering what the area feels like. Does it feel ‘up-and-coming’? Are there new shops opening up? Are there new developments or shopping facilities in the pipeline? Does it have nice cafes, bars and shops? Does it feel a pleasant place to spend time?

All of which will give you a guide to how your investment might perform over the coming years.

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