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Find a Property to Rent

Finding a property to rent in south west London


If you’re looking to rent a flat or house in the Putney, Southfields, Balham, Battersea or other areas of south-west London, the quickest way is often to first shortlist the areas that interest you. Think about what you’d want close at hand, like a station, bars or access to the local parks and green spaces. You can find a lot of information in our unique area guides, and then spend some time getting to know the different areas, and of course we’ll be happy to advise you too.

Once you’ve chosen your areas of interest, look on www.oscarknight.co.uk for the sort of flat or house to rent in south-west London that would suit you. If there’s nothing available, you can register your details with us so we can let you know when something suitable comes up.

Once you see a property you like the look of, take a good look at the property’s details and the map. If you’re not familiar with the area, please ask us or better still take a trip there to get to know it first.

You also need to think about who’ll be living there with you, and what you’ll all need. Look at the property’s floorplan, if we’ve been able to do one, and work out who would sleep in which bedroom, for example. Or if you’re sharing, having things like enough bathrooms to cope with the morning shower-rush might be important.

If the property is of interest, contact us to arrange a viewing. (Don’t take too long to get round to this because the most popular properties can go quite quickly.) At this stage we’ll ask you some basic questions about what you’re looking for and perhaps suggest some alternatives that might be suitable too.


Viewing a property


On the viewing, it’s worth turning up a few minutes beforehand to get the feel for what’s going on in the immediate area. Once inside the property, think about who’s going to go where, whether there is enough storage (or space for cupboards). Check out exactly what’s included and what isn’t – which appliances, furniture and so on.

Once you’ve chosen the property you’d like to rent, we will agree this with the landlord and ask you for a holding deposit which ensures we no longer market the property to any other applicants, and agree a moving-in date which is usually around two to four weeks later.