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Oscar Knight

Oscar Knight

May 2015 - Post Election Property Market Report.

Following this month’s election, this Property Market Report certainly bears a positive message. The one thing people and markets don’t like is uncertainty. There was tremendous uncertainty leading up to the election and right up until the last votes had been counted on polling day. That uncertainty is now over and, whatever your politics, the clear conservative majority is good news for home buyers, sellers and investors. The threat of the mansion tax which could have had crippling effects right across the market has been quashed, as have plans to cap rents which could well have stifled the investment needed to provide more desperately needed housing.

It also looks as though interest rates are now likely to remain at their historic six-year low for the foreseeable future. So in all this was a good election result for the property market.

There is also a feelgood factor in place: summer on the way, a royal birth, a strengthening economy with zero inflation, a strong pound and more people in work since...
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