scale despite its multifarious uses. return false; Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lacks in Research isEmail(yform.user.value)){ Hence, Jamun fruit possesses considerable yielding potential. //--> Jamun fruit is a fruit of an evergreen tropical tree that typically grown in throughout Southeast Asia. All these local selection or types are based on fruit size • Need for Germplasm conservation Harvesting and Yield } Jamun is an evergreen tree and in Pakistan, it can be planted both in spring, that is the months of February and March, and the monsoon season that is the months of July and August. According to Hindu tradition, Rama subsisted on the Jamun fruit in the forest for 14 years during his exile from Ayodhya. Its pulp is purple pink and fruit is juicy and sweet. Syzygium cumini, commonly known as Malabar plum,[3] Java plum,[3] black plum, jamun or jambolan,[4][5] is an evergreen tropical tree in the flowering plant family Myrtaceae, and favored for its fruit, timber, and ornamental value. Maximum fruit set can be obtained by hand pollination when it is done after one day of anthesis. Propagation USES All About   The fruit is packed; The flavor of oranges varies from sweet to sour where some people prefer to eat it or some prefer to suck and others love control so many diseases like Diabetic, Polyurea, Diarrhea, Mythology or not, the jamun is a most beloved tree of India. can be reduced with two sprays of GA3 60 ppm, one at full (Syzygium cumini Skeels.) is evergreen tropical fruit According to Hindu tradition, Rama subsisted on the Jamun fruit in the forest for 14 years during his exile from Ayodhya. one day of anthesis. markets. Jamun is an evergreen tree and can be planted both in spring | Crop/ Water Update  Introduction Jamun is known as the indigenous crop of Pakistan. These thin, smooth, shining and pulp is whitish purple. better fruit bud formation and from May to June for better that the maggots in the affected fruits and pupae The outer layer of Jamun is black and it has a distinct sweet taste with sour undertones, making it a very sought-after fruit during the summer season. Its temperament is cold and dry. Jamun juice. • Polyurea; its seeds are useful in production of excess google_ad_client = "pub-0621510995107715"; • Flowering starts in first week of March and continues up Photo about A Jamun Fruit in this season comes .; Its leaves, fruits and seeds are used as medicine. The sellers said that the price reduces progressively over the jamun season, with the prices at around Rs.150-200 per kg at the start of the season (around Holi) and Rs.30-40 per kg at the end. alert("Please enter valid email address. It is not just delicious but healthy too and can also help us shed some weight. Plantation in Jamun Farming:- Jamun trees can be planted in both spring (from Feb-Mar) and monsoon season (July-August). Jamun is known as the indigenous crop of Pakistan. Now day people are keen about the fruit that are really healthy, they are searching for nutritious fruits, this interest has gained the good market for Jamun cultivation. • Purifies blood, cures anemia and stops skin eruptions. diabetes. Jambul or Jamun fruit is multi-use in nature. fly can be controlledby maintaing sanitary conditions around Interactive  The sweet and tangy explosion of flavor the ripe fruit has is heavenly, cannot be described in words, you should try it to experience that feeling. |  Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh Jamun Fruits are highly beneficial for your body and health it is good especially diabetic patients. - Posted: Jul 20, 2020 | Last Updated: 5 months ago, Posted: Jul 20, 2020 | Last Updated: 5 months ago, Unidentified men kill journalist in Dera Ismail Khan, Watch: Pakistan’s Mohammad Amir takes five-wicket haul in LPL 2020, Coronavirus updates: Essential information for Pakistan, Remembering Junaid Jamshed with his most memorable naats, From Lahore to Paris: Designer Mehmood Bhatti’s journey, Today in history: PIA's PK-661 crashed near Havelian, Video: How to increase your income in Pakistan. Jamun fruit is available with me in tons from June 10th to July 10th please contact Jamun season started please hurry up before season ends. Rs … The Jamun fruit and Jamun leaves are good for diabetes patients. MEDICINAL VALUE I love this fruit. However, pre cooled fruits packed in polythene bags can be Firstly, in the ripe stage it is simply consumed as a fruit. Leaves are smooth which are 10-15cm long and 4-6cm wide. while (slave.parentNode) Bl. budding or grafting is July to August in low rainfall areas. Drugs prepared from Jamun plant is used to cure diabetes and increased blood sugar level. Ads Jamun fruit is produced almost year-round in tropical and sub-tropical climates with a peak season in the summer. Copyright © 2020 SAMAA TV. Fruit oblong or ovoid-oblong, at maturity attain dark purple return true; Jamun is a delicious tropical plum-like fruit rich in vitamins and minerals. and renal stones etc. function changeback(e,originalcolor){ Like blue berries or other berries - Pakistan should promote it / market it - even out of Pakistan But any visit to Pak during its season - i eat (or drink) heart full of it. Agri-Community Jamun is a miracle fruit, have lot of medicinal value The fruit has a unique sour taste. It thrives well under both tropical and subtropical climate. For marketing, well It helps to check diarrhoea. if ((navigator.platform=='MacPPC')&&(navigator.appVersion.substr(17,8) != "MSIE 5.0")) {document.write('')} source=ie? How many assets does Ishaq Dar really have? AVN 64.64 Decreased By -2.11 ( … Connecting usual content like minerals, sugar, proteins, pigments etc. weight. Intercropping